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Are you looking for a cool escooter? Escooter International supplies trendy design escooters in Europe. All escooters are in chopper design and 100% electric. It not only looks good, but is also good for the environment.

Do you already have an e-chopper, and do you need a part? Escooter International also supplies all necessary parts.

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Tough, recognizable chopper looks, great comfort and a very quiet engine.


Wide, tough tires and chopper design a real eye-catcher in its ranking.


Tough, recognizable chopper looks, great comfort and a very quiet engine.

Why an chopper escooter?

It is STURDY, unique and robust!

With its wide sturdy wheels, robust construction and silent brushless motor, it is a unique appearance.

The wide tires provide a shorter braking distance and a safe feeling on unpaved roads, forest trails or beaches.

In addition, driving the 100% electric Escooter brings many advantages compared to today’s combustion engines, for both the wallet and the environment.

For example, the Escooter is super economical and requires virtually no maintenance, only the brake pads and battery need to be replaced every now and then.

escooter chopper

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