Electric scooter

Are you looking for an electric scooter? Then you’ve come to the right place! Escooter International sells all kinds of electric scooters, which are not only 100% electric, but also have a unique design.

Choice electric scooter

A choice for an electric scooter is therefore easy via this webshop. Whether you’re looking for a black, red or green escooter, we’ve got it. We can also provide customization, so let us know your wishes for your electric scooter.

Whichever electric scooter you choose, you can always count on service, quality and fast delivery at Escooter International. We also offer secure payment methods, and you can easily reach us by phone, email or contact form.

Electric or combustion engine

Are you still in doubt whether you want to buy an electric scooter or a scooter with a traditional combustion engine? Then this is a great place to explore the possibilities of a cool escooter with a unique design and cool, wide tires. In addition, the electric scooters are super economical to use, and a lot better for the environment. You can also take a ride in the beautiful nature with these electric scooters, without scaring the animals with engine noise.

Escooter International is proud to be a supplier of beautiful electric scooters, and to deliver them in Europe. Whether you live in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Portugal, you can simply order through this webshop and receive the electric scooter at your address.

Electric scooter parts

Good to know! Escooter International supplies electric scooters, as well as all necessary parts. So you never have to stand still. Lamps, brakes, tires, but also speedometers and more can all be ordered via the webshop. You can also expand your electric scooter with, for example, a cool bag or beautiful headlights.

Trend electric scooters

Electric vehicles are all the rage these days, and they are growing rapidly. Whether you are in a village or city, you will always see one or more electric vehicles driving. The electric scooter is therefore almost impossible to miss. You are also so flexible with a scooter, and certainly with an electric scooter you drive economically, environmentally friendly and silently. Supplement these benefits with the design of our escooters and you make a unique impression. Style, class and future come together in the electric scooters from Escooter International.

Refuel without a charging station in front of the door

The prognosis is that the refueling of fossil fuels should be over by 2030. Electric scooters are therefore the future. Unlike with an electric car, a charging station in front of the door is not necessary. Compared to a bicycle with pedal assistance, you bring the battery inside to charge. Buying an electric scooter now means being ready for the future and having all the advantages.

Advice electric scooters

Maybe you can already see yourself cruising along the beach on your electric scooter, or to the city with your girlfriend on the back, it’s all possible. But maybe you’re not so sure yet, and you still have some questions. Then feel welcome to ask your questions to our experienced team. This way you know exactly what to expect, and what is possible.

Our team is easily accessible and responds quickly to your questions. You can reach us by phone, email, social media and via the contact form.